Tuesday, January 03, 2012

April 2010

The biggest, most exciting thing for Hannah in April was that she learned to use the potty!! I am not one of those over-achiever mothers that have to have their children potty trained by 18 months or even 2 years old. Hannah showed no interest, therefore I had no interest. But the second she did show interest, I tried to be all over it, and did it all completely wrong. I get frustrated really easily, and poor Hannah is such a people pleaser...let's just say that I completely gave up my spot for mother of the year. And then a friend posted on her facebook about the book 3 Day Potty Training. For me, for Hannah, it was magic. It made sense to me, I stayed calm, she screamed, I still stayed calm, she screamed some more (there was a lot of reluctance to let the pee freely flow) and there was lots of hugging while on the toilet. It took about 3 1/2 days for us, but she got it and I am so proud of her.
She always has the most amazing bed head.
In her new big girl panties!
We spent the whole day together, attached at the hip. A friend took Bryn for the day and the Keith was home the next two days to allow all my focus to be on Hannah.

We had a nest in our swingset that had three little eggs in it. We loved those little eggs.
The big girl.
She is seriously the best girl ever.
And Brynlee...
She is also the best.
She's becoming a pro at walking and has the greatest sense of humor.

I can finally put her hair in pigtails.

As long as she's eating, she's happy. I love that messy face!!

And Keith...Poor Keith. He developed a hernia in his stomach from his previous surgery and so he had to have another surgery to fix it. We were able to stay in Evansville for it instead of going to Indianapolis. The poor guy can't catch a break!

Ryan and Kylee got married!!
We love Kylee and are so happy that she is in our family.

Since Keith was about 3 weeks post-op and couldn't lift anything, we took along one of the young women from our ward, Jordan, to help me with the girls. We got a lot of looks, most of them disgusted looks, from people as we would pass them in the airport. Jordan and I are packed to max with bags and kids and Keith has his very small carry-on. Then as we got our rental car, Keith stood there directing me on how to pack the bags/stroller/carseats into the SUV. (Even though I am totally anti minivan, and yes I own one, they have so much more space then that blasted SUV) Men everyone were wondering how he got in on such a good gig. Women everywhere were shaking their heads in disgust. I kept calling him a dead beat husband. For some reason he didn't find that very funny. Hmm, go figure!


Whitney said...

I love those girls. I'm glad you're updating your blog! I can't wait until 2011! :)

the Varley Family said...

Yahoooo!!! Just when I think I've lost all hope, you go and totally redeem your blog talent!

cumbersomemom said...

Hannah is very beautiful. Do you have any more big girl panty pictures or any revealing pics that you could share with me.
I could send you some pics of my little Jenny. My email is TheCumbersomemom@yahoo.com. Thank You